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For assessing the agriculture the Satellite imagery is used as a tool for recording important information that is needed before and during the growing season. The remote sensing methods enable crop acreage estimation while crop is still standing in the field. The information derived from this data could be used to reveal vegetative health, pinpoint the location of non-productive areas, and help in effective planning and analyzing operations. This information can be shared with all those associated with crop management and marketing who, in turn, can plan beforehand for their procurement, storage, distribution and export. The requirements of different stake holders are as follows- Matrix Geo uses appropriate set of multi-temporal satellite image, acquired during the appropriate times of plant growth and harvest, combined with GPS aided field survey & market survey to create data on-

  • Crop condition assessment mapping
  • Crop yield estimation mapping
  • Compliance monitoring mapping
  • Crop type classification mapping
  • Irrigation planning Mapping

The team has experience of mapping crops like wheat, paddy, sorghum, millet, chickpea, pigeon pea, onion, groundnut, cotton, sugarcane, sunflower, sesame, clover, blue panic, Rhodes grass; palms, pomegranate, and vegetables etc.

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