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Matrix Geo provides a range of services to assist with Forest Mapping .We map the forest on large scales and also help the clients to manage the clearance in an organized manner with GIS. Mapping the area of Interest to avoid environmental features of the area. The environmental features are avoided that are crucial or underuse by any surrounding inhabitants or restricted by government are mapped, helpful in environmental clearances.

Remote Sensing and GIS supported with GPS aided field survey has been proved to be an indispensable tool for forest management. Satellite remote sensing offer the most distinct advantages in consistency of data; synoptic coverage; global reach; cost per unit area; repeatability; precision; and accuracy. Remote sensing satellite data is also found to be very useful in mapping even the inaccessible terrain. A fairly accurate database on Forest can be created in a relatively short span of time, which is otherwise not possible through conventional method of field survey.

Matrix Geo provide a wide range of consultancy and services in the field of Forestry. These include-

  • Forest Cover Mapping
  • Forest Management
  • Upgrade the existing forest stock maps and create Forest Inventory
  • Calculate the Carbon Sequestration values of the forest
  • Identification of suitable sites for setting up of industries based on forest resources, for livelihood development
  • Carry out RS and GIS based analyses for Identification of villages for joint forest management

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