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GIS and Remote Sensing Services

  1. Land Use Land Cover Mapping using satellite imagery:
  2. We perform mapping of the physical material at the surface of the earth and the utilized land by the human activities with help of satellite Imagery. This type of analysis is performed with scientific calculations utilizing relevant mathematical calculation depending on the area of Interest.

  3. Cadastral Mapping:
  4. The maintenance of the hard copy map of land information and parcel data is very difficult and by the time there is a threat of information loss to overcome this situation, we perform mapping of the cadastral sheets and provide the digital data.

  5. Geological mapping
  6. Matrix Geo Provides detailed structural and stratigraphic geologic mapping for the following:
    Lithological Mapping/Lithological Map Updation
    Structural Mapping
    Lineament Mapping
    Geomorphological Mapping
    Local Construction Material Mapping/Soil Mapping
    Watershed Analysis and Ground Water Potential Mapping
    Mapping for Mineral Targeting

  7. Survey
  8. Matrix Geo provide services in the following survey:
    GPS/GCP planning and data collection
    Engineering Survey
    Hydrological survey
    Contour Survey
    Topographic View
    Field Verification Survey

  9. Utility Mapping
  10. Utility providers confront various challenges while planning, designing and implementing their operations. Natural catastrophes, sabotages and other industrial accidents can cause critical disruptions to the distribution and supply of Utilities to millions of people

    With increasing area of Utility landscapes, a comprehensive operation plan can be prepared using GIS mapping and Geo-referenced database. At Matrix Geo we , offers standardized GIS solutions and services that serves all types of Utility Services.

  11. Railway Asset Mapping:
  12. To plan the Area of interest for the Road/rail network we provide the complete analysis of the network in digital format overlaid on a satellite imagery making the planning more cost effective and time efficient.

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