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Matrix-Geo Solutions (P) Limited
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New Delhi - 110059
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Office: +91 11 6543 6550

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Matrix Geo can provide a dedicated team of experienced geospatial professionals ready to meet your business and technical needs right in your country or in your office premises. Your points of contact will be easily approachable and able to respond quickly to your production needs and business strategies. Below we have listed three examples of how our client can engage the Matrix Geo Spatial Production Team to achieve maximum benefit.

  • Purchase a portion of our production team as a Joint Venture, and share in profitability. Client would have access to our infrastructure, software and fully trained staff to meet any production needs and have direct impact on the overall success of the Joint Venture.
  • Turn-key lease of our facility, staff and equipment. Matrix Geo Spatial will continue to manage staff, production activities and manage all back-end reporting, HR, and payroll services.
  • Retain the Matrix Geo Spatial Production Team for a predetermined amount of time at a negotiated flat rate. You can block out a period of time at one low rate and bill back to clients as best suits your planning and business needs.

We look forward to learning more about your production needs and how Matrix Geo can best customize our services to meet your business objectives.

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