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Extending the Value of LiDAR Data throughout the Enterprise
Matrixgeo's LiDAR-M is a stand-alone light detection and ranging data processing software built on Microsoft .NET technology. LiDAR-M is designed specifically for Photogrammetry and GIS professionals to display, view, edit and process LiDAR data at the desktop level, quickly and efficiently.

Lidar M Profile View
LiDAR-M profile view of transmission line

Features and Benefits of LiDAR-M:

  • LiDAR-M does not depend on any base software like Microstation, AutoCAD, Socet-set, etc.
  • LiDAR-M can observe cloud points accurately in different cross-sectional views
  • LiDAR-M classifies data points automatically and manually into various categories, such as ground, vegetation, buildings, etc.
  • LiDAR-M delivers data files in multiple input/output formats that include ASCII, TerraScan Bin, ASPRS LAS, and DXF
  • LiDAR-M is a cost-effective solution as the mapping supportive functionalities of CAD software are built into the interface

Lidar M House View
Matrixgeo's in-house LiDAR classification software

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