Railways and Metro

Matrix Geo is a Geo-spatial consultancy organization specialized in using “Unmanned Aerial System/ UAV (Drone), Satellite imagery survey & GIS survey” for planning, monitoring and management of railway and metro projects in different stages such as Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility Studies, Planning, Detailed Project Engineering, Project Progress Monitoring and Inspections of Critical Assets.

Drone Based Survey

Satellite Based Survey

GIS Based Survey


Planning Stage 

For Proposed Railway Projects


  • Aerial Videography based concept visualization of a railway project
  • Project 3D visualization and simulation i.e. As-built 3D model + Proposed plan
  • Topographical Survey for planning, plan revision, cost optimizing, for efficiently handling engineering challenges
  • Land Mapping for Land acquisition, value assessment, legal support
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Support

Construction Stage

For Under Construction Railway Projects


  • Periodic Progress monitoring by Drone Aerial Videography & Video Comparision
  • Progress Monitoring & Reporting in specially designed application “Insighter” which turns normal videos in engineering decision making tools
  • 3D Survey for Earth work Quantity Estimation & BIM based progress monitoring

Existing Networks

Existing Railway Network / Open Line


  • Very high resolution aerial imagery for open line track & structure mapping, GIS/TMS Integration
  • Railway Land Asset Inventory, Encroachments issues in urban area
  • Video Mapping of Open lines for monitoring of existing tracks and Future Planning (Done between Agra-Palwal by NCR – Gatimaan Express Route)
  • 3D modeling of Yards for Planning (NDLS completed by NR)

Bridge Inspection

We use specially designed drones which is capable of giving access to engineer’s eyes in the hardest to reach places of a bridge, without the need for expensive access vehicles or potentially dangerous rigging (or even ladders). The high resolution photographs or Geospatial Videos of the various structures of bridges are captured and processed using Geospatial technology and developed into a action oriented reports our by Bridge Engineers which helps in efficient bridge structure monitoring and Inspection

  • Drone based Railway Bridge Inspection introduced 1st time in Indian Railway
  • Inspection of the Critical Structures (Bridges) (Inspection of Yamuna Bridge at Allahabad done for NCR)


  • Bullet Train Study Between Mumbai – Ahmedabad – 525 KM
  • High Speed Railway Corridor Between Delhi – Mumbai – 1200 KM
  • High Speed Railway Corridor Between Mumbai – Chennai– 1300 KM
  • High Speed Railway Corridor Between Delhi-Chandigarh-Amritsar – 500 KM
  • Dedicated Fright Corridor Railway Corridors – 5000 KM
  • 3d Aerial Survey & Reality Modelling for BIM Integration – Nagpur Metro
  • 200 + Drone based Aerial Survey Projects for Indian Railways & PSUs
    • Drone Based Engineering Grade Survey for New Line, Doubling or Gauge Conversion Projects
    • Drone Based Progress Monitoring of Railway Projects
    • Drone Based Aerial Survey for Yard Re-modelling Projects
    • Drone Based Aerial Survey & Railway Electrification Design Projects
    • Drone Based Bridge Inspections
    • OnTrack & OffTrack Asset Mapping for Railways

Worked for Indian Railways almost all Zones and all PSUs

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