Road and Highway

Geo-spatial consultancy organization, specialized in using modern survey technologies for planning, monitoring and management of infrastructure projects in different stages such as Planning / Construction / Existing for over 1000+ projects in infrastructure sector.

Survey in Road and Highway Sector

  • Drone/UAV Aerial Survey
  • LiDAR Survey (Mobile / Aerial / Terrestrial)
  • Satellite Imagery Based Surveys
  • DGPS/GPS/ETS Survey
  • Land Mapping & Acquisition
  • Ground Penetrating Survey (GPR)
  • Under Water Survey using Eco Sounder


Support at Every stage in Road and Highway Sector

  • Pre-bid Survey
  • DPR Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Condition Monitoring of Existing Roads & Bridges
  • Asset GIS Mapping of Road Network

From our past experience working on extreme geographical and climatic condition we can help them in following areas: 

  • Accurate Route Selection for Planning Road in hill areas using various geographical data sources
  • Alternative alignment Studies (with 3D Visualization) (Minimal Site visit requirement)
  • Accurate Topographical Survey using latest technologies in cost effective and timely manner
  • Satellite technology based survey for pre-feasibility / feasibility studies without or minimal physical effort on ground
  • Drone based surveys to develop engineering grade highly accurate data for road DPR project
  • Remote sensing based geological analysis to develop geological maps without or minimal effort on ground
  • LiDAR technology based survey which can help collecting data faster specially for the road widening projects

We produce various important information related to Geological, hydrographic, environmental, land use for Road planning studies with latest remote sensing & GIS technologies

Project Highlight

Satellite Based Survey

2500 + KM Road survey project executed using very high resolutions satellite survey technology in some of the most geographically complex areas (Himalayan range, International Border areas).

Drone Based Survey

1000 + KM Road & highways survey projects executed using drone based aerial survey technology in road widening & green field road projects.

LiDAR Based Survey

2100 + KM Road & highways projects executed using LiDAR technology in road widening & road condition DPR projects

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