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3D City Modeling

Using 3D Modeling and virtual reality techniques, we are able to completely represent the real world, bringing together all the relevant aspects of the 3D environment that you wish to model.

Matrix-Geo offers complete 3D modeling services, including detailed texturing, city modeling, 3D visualization, 3D environment modeling, true 3D landscape reconstruction, visual reality and virtual reality integration, real time roaming with huge amounts of data and enabling final product delivery through web based platforms including Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth. Matrix-Geo supports most industry standard formats and outputs. Our experience includes:

  • Auto-textured 3d building models - V3D files and texture folders
  • Raw terrestrial Images
  • Maps and image snaps
  • Adobe format outputs
  • Image Align PRO
  • Digicad 3D

Matrix-Geo use very high end 3D city modeling software like Cyber city, which do most of the job automatically with very high efficiency and quality. These 3D modeling techniques are wildly used in:

  • City development planning
  • Civil engineering planning and design
  • Municipal management on various levels
  • Intelligent transportation management system
  • Real estate development and management
  • Comprehensive management of district and residential areas
  • Environment protection systems
  • Land use management
  • Natural resource exploration and management

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