Water, Irrigation & Agriculture

With a Team of Hydrologist, Engineers and Geospatial experts, we help our customers from Water resource management, Irrigation & Agriculture sector to use best practices for planning, monitoring and management of the large area projects

Water Resources


Flood Modelling

  • Drainage Pattern Analysis
  • Flood Plain Mapping
  • Flood Level Assessment
  • Flood Routing
  • Flood Prevention & Protection
  • Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • 3d Simulation of Likely Flood Situation
  • Survey by ETS, Satellite & Drones


Drinking Water

  • Water Distribution Network / Asset GIS Mapping
  • Consumer Mapping
  • Pipe Line Alignment Studies

Waste Water & Storm Water

  • Sewage System Mapping
  • Storm Water Drain Mapping
  • Village / Urban Area Mapping
  • Consumer GPS Mapping


Irrigation water management is a complex task since it depends upon various factors such as climate data, soil type data and rainfall data.The efficiency depends upon the reliability of these data.

Remote sensing and GIS integrated approach can be used for estimation of crop water requirement and irrigation water requirement.It also helps in getting maximum yields with optimum water use which ultimately causes more savings.

Integration of remote sensing data with ground data in GIS provide efficient estimation of major crops, area under each crop and variation in water demand of different crops in irrigation scheduling.

GIS and remote sensing in irrigation scheduling is time and cost effective



  • Check Dam Location Identification
  • Watershed / Catchment Delineation
  • Command Area Delineation
  • Submergence Area Analysis
  • Water Availability Studies
  • Canal Alignment Studies
  • GIS Mapping of Water User Land For Participatory Management
  • WebGIS For Irrigation Management
  • Survey By ETS, Satellite & UAV


Our Remote sensing expert group  use various Satellite imagery & Drone imagery for recording important information that is needed before and during the growing season for assessing the agriculture. The remote sensing methods enable crop acreage estimation while crop is still standing in the field. The information derived from this data could be used to reveal vegetative health, pinpoint the location of non-productive areas, and help in effective planning and analyzing operations. This information can be shared with all those associated with crop management and marketing who, in turn, can plan beforehand for their procurement, storage, distribution and export.

Matrix Geo uses appropriate set of multi-temporal satellite \ Drone image from various remote sensing sensors such as  thermal imagery, multi spectral imagery, NIR imagery acquired during the appropriate times of plant growth and harvest, combined with GPS aided field survey & market survey to create data on-

  • Crop condition assessment mapping
  • Crop yield estimation mapping
  • Compliance monitoring mapping
  • Crop type classification mapping
  • Irrigation planning Mapping

The team has experience of mapping crops like wheat, paddy, sorghum, millet, chickpea, pigeon pea, onion, groundnut, cotton, sugarcane, sunflower, sesame, clover, blue panic, Rhodes grass; palms, pomegranate, and vegetables etc.


  • Matrix Geo helped in implementing Geospatial Technology for 25+ DAM sites planning in geographically complex and locally disturbed areas as in Jharkhand
  • Approx. 5000 SqKm Area Covering Kota, Bundi and Baran districts in Rajasthan, India  – GIS mapping of Existing Canal Network with Water User mapping upto farmer ownership level for efficient irrigation planning ( Project involves digitization of old village khasra maps and the whole canal network on the GIS environment by using latest technology like GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. The IT based GIS/MIS system development which help managing the needs of about 282 Water user associations in the region effectively)
  • Mathon Reservoir Site Management with Revised Submergence area – 3D Mapping using Very High Resolution Stereo Satellite Imagery, Analysis & boundary pillar erection.
  • 7+ Major Flood risk assessment & Emergency preparedness planning projects
  • 70+ KM Drone Aerial survey of canal network in Maharashtra
  • Drone & LIDAR based Aerial Survey of Water Supply Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

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